Bowl O' Butter Anyone?

So I'm eating at a buffet with my family and on the dessert cart I scooped up what I thought was vanilla mouse and piled it on my plate. Next to it was a bowl of whipped cream, so I shoveled on some of that too. When I got back to my seat I sat down, delighted about the french vanilla goodness I was about to partake, and proceeded to spoon it into my mouth when ...ugh... yuck... BUTTER!! I had eaten a mouthful of butter! Butter? That is so nasty. Who puts a vat of butter on a buffet? Are we so fat as Americans that we now have to saturate our butter-filled cookies and butter-filled cakes and butter-filled pies with even more butter? Or are we now consuming it, with no apology, by the heaping spoonful. And the whipped cream I found next to the bowl of butter? Are we spreading it on top and eating it like a pudding parfait??? Who are these people? Who's eating butter by the bowl? Who said that was okay? Sanity people, you should consume some sanity.
My dreams are my biggest jewel!


To Truly See

To sit
To stare at your splendor
To marvel at burnt-orange, cherry-red,

canary-yellow and deep sage-green limbs
waving at me from their rooted posts
To see them standing guard
To look upon their expanse into the sky
where they meet up with pale-blue
laced with billowy cotton fields
To truly see
To set my gaze on the spread of the horizon
is to see the hand of God