Welcome Me

The earth’s breath galloped into my living room beneath the metal front door and cantered its way down the chimney, swirling around the room like a horse beckoning me to take it for a ride. The breeze rushed across my toes and nudged me toward the window where a hawk harnessed the wind and soared upon it’s back. Leaves corralled together on the limbs of the grand tree that stood below my balcony, summoning me with their restless sway to join in their motion.

As I pulled on the chilled door handle a cool gust pushed it’s way in, zigzagging in figure eights around my cheeks and neck. I wished I’d grabbed a jacket, but somehow, the stir of the air caressing my skin and playfully trotting along every hair on my arms was exhilarating- as if my soul had been awakened for the first time in weeks.

I saw the hawk again. His feathers racing the very current on which they took flight. He steered downward to the waving leaves and reined a branch with his talons seeking rest. As he basked briefly, a gentle flurry dashed across his beak and he turned in my direction, as if he too, had been renewed by this moment.

The hairs on my head hurdled the sweet breath as it wrapped me in a ribbon of refreshment and whispered, “Welcome to spring. May you feel my tender tug on your heart, pushing you onward through another season.” So welcome spring. Welcome change. Welcome me.