I Love Me

When I was recently with my family, my dear precious nephew, Malachi, said the prayer over our dinner one night. After he thanked God for our 'yummy food', he added this: "And I love Daddy, and I love Mommy, and I love Esther, and I love Nanna, and I love Aunt Laura, and I love Malachi." What beautiful words from a five year old. Not just because he wanted to tell God who all he loved, but because he included himself. He pointed his sweet little fingers straight at his heart and said, "I love Malachi."

How often do we forget to love ourselves? To thank God, of all things, for ourself? We praise God and offer thanksgiving for so many wonderful people in our lives, but we neglect to offer praises for our own life. As Malachi made his declarations for each person at the table, I sat in anticipation at the chance of hearing him say my name out loud. I couldn't wait to hear my name attached to the words, 'I love'.

Then I realized I don't have to wait for anyone to say they love me. I can hear those words anytime I need. All I have to do is open my mouth.

"I love Laura! Thank you, my dear sweet savior, for making me. Thank you for my awkwardness and my sensitivity for people. Thank you for my passion and my clumsiness. Thank you, for me. I really do love Laura Logan."

Wow! My ears and heart are leaping with praise! I do hope you can attach your own name to those two, powerful, penetrating words. I really want to encourage you today. I want you to know you are special and deserve to be loved by even your greatest critic...yourself! So go ahead, tell yourself, "I love you." Say, "I love me!" I promise it won't hurt. It may feel odd at first, but the words will taste so sweet in your mouth you'll want to say them more :)

If you can't say I love you, why should anyone else?


Not a Princess...An Angel!

Last week I had the bittersweet privileged of seeing my precious niece who lives far away. It was bitter because the family gathered together to bury my grandmother. Sweet, because we were able to share in our loss as a family, instead of separated by the long miles.

One afternoon I watched in awe as my niece sang her thoughts aloud and pranced about as if she didn't care who heard the melody of her play. I couldn't help but say a quiet, 'Thank you,' to my sweet Jesus for showing me the bounty of life, just after the fragility of another was laid to rest.

I called out to my niece, just wishing for a moment to tell her how magnificent she was; to express my joy in simply being near her. With a smile that woos the heart, my darling soloist ran across the living room and planted herself, head first, into my arms. Oh how delight shot through my spirit at the chance to hold onto a little piece of heaven!

"You are my beloved cherub!" I said. "Do you know that?" She grinned wide, as if those pretty teeth alone could solve all the worlds worries. And I believe they could. Then she looked me in the eyes, accepting my words even though she didn't know what they meant.

"Do you know what a cherub is?" I asked. With another smile shooting straight to my heart, she shook her head. "It means little angel. You're
my little angel, Esther." Oh the glee that washed over her face! She leaped across the room, scooped up her dolly, and twirled as if she was in a funnel of candy.

Then she continued playing as usual.

I watched her as long as I could, until I was called into the other room, doubting she even paid attention to what I said to her. The day and night came and left without another mention of cherubs, and soon my little piece of heaven was having sweet sleep in her cozy, canopy covered bed.

The next morning, the door to the room my nephew and I were playing in opened, and there was my cheery delight. "Good Morning, Princess!" I exclaimed, since she'd just come from her pink princess bed, in her pink castle room.

"I'm not a princess," she stated. "I'm an angel!" And oh how angelic she was!

I told her she was my beloved little angel, and she believed me. It was that simple.

So why is it that when God, our very creator, tells us we are the reflection of His glory (
2 Corinthians 3:18), we don't believe him? If my two year old niece can believe the words her Auntie tells her, an Auntie who did not create the world, a mere mortal who did not sacrifice her life for mankind, then why can't we believe God's words?

When people call you a sinner, repent, then tell them, "I'm not a sinner. I'm forgiven!" (1 John 2:12; Romans 4:7)

When your enemies call you a loser, say, "I'm not a loser. I'm more than a conqueror!" (Romans 8:37)

When the world says no one wants you, tell it, "I'm not unwanted. Even before He made the world, God loved me and chose me!" (Ephesians 1:4

When life convinces you no one cares, that no one is on your side, shout out, "Christ is on my side! He speaks to the father in my defense! He's at the right hand of God, interceding for ME!"
(1John 2:1; Romans 8:31, 33-34)

When you feel alone, remind yourself, "I'm not alone. God is with me always!"
(Matthew 28:20)

When you look through family albums and wonder why you have such a dysfunctional family, open your true family heritage and read the words, '
But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood...a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.' (1 Peter 2:9)

When you feel lost, tell yourself, "I'm not lost. His Word is a lamp for my feet! God knows the way that I take!" (Psalm 119:105; Job 23:10)

And when you believe y
ou're unlovable, cry out, "I'm not beyond love. Nothing can separate me from the love of God!" (Romans 8:37-39)

So b
e like my two year old niece, and when someone who loves you very much tells you something wonderful...believe them.

Can you believe God's words to you? I'd love to hear what's on your heart.


Monday Mourning

I can't quite catch my breath
in moments of sadness,
but oxygen comes in waves of joy
like the lyrics in the hymns you sang-
like the bellowing organ notes you played.

I am torn between grief, for you, my grandmother,
whose middle name matches mine,
but rejoicing that you're finally at peace
at the same time.

I said goodbye once,
when dementia carried you away.
Do I say goodbye again,
or celebrate your freedom
from confusions grip today?

I choose the latter.

I will fall back
on days of strawberry mash
and singing to the melody your fingers
danced on the piano
not so long ago.

I choose, celebration, over sorrow.


He is Risen...So What's the Big Deal?

Okay, now that I wrote about the price paid for a treasure like you, I want to turn my focus to the fact that, when Christ died, just for you, just for me, He didn't stay that way! Thank you, Lord, for coming back for us! He is risen...

...but why? Why did Christ come back after He laid down His life for us?

Because He wanted to redeem us! That was His plan all along: to redeem man. He loved us so much He gave redemption so we could have eternal life. It was the plan from the beginning when Adam and Eve ate the fruit...God wanted to redeem them! The resurrection was a physical symbol of what God did for our souls. Christ took all our sins, once and for all, so we would no longer have to practice Old Testament rituals. Believers used to bring pure lambs into their homes, treat them as family, then offer them to God so He could wash their sins in the blood of the lamb. That was the only way they could be forgiven. But not us! Christ was our lamb. In His one, unfathomable act of grace, He took our sins and removed them from our lives, passed them through His resurrecting power, and drained them out clean, forgiven, becoming the ultimate Lamb of God.

Now that's a big deal!!

That is how much He wants us to live our new life in heaven with Him. Our father wants His children to come home. What a beautiful display of affection from our creator; our redeemer!

Easter is the day when Christians celebrate Jesus’ eternal life, and our own, by believing in him. And oh how I believe! I am proof that the mouths we've wrapped around man's lies and used to spit out their rebukes can be washed out with the blood of Jesus! The same mouth I've used for despicable things, is the same mouth I now use to worship my savior! Praise God for His gift of redemption!

Have you accepted your gift of redemption and eternal life from Christ? If not, I'd love to talk with you. If so, I'd love to hear about your journey from forsaken, to forgiven.

An Easter Gift for You!

Be encouraged, my beloved treasure. I have a gift for you today. It's not a new gift, but it's precious and dear to me all the same. It has been used. It's been battered. I found it abandoned, lost, searching for what, I'm not sure. But there it was, shinning bright beneath a layer of filth. When I placed this jewel beneath the living waters, I watched a stunning gift emerge. Are you ready to accept it? Here it is...

...YOU! YOU are a gift who's price was costly. Death. But it is because Christ paid so dearly for you that He wants your eyes open to the truth of your worth. Precious. Priceless. The sum of God's glory. That is what you are.

My gift to you can only be accepted one way...

Walk away from the computer screen, leave all your insecurities behind, and go stand in front of the closest mirror. Hurry- it is important that you don't let this gift pass you by again. Now, look deep into your eyes that were created in Christ's image and repeat to yourself, "I am a treasured gift. I am a treasured gift."

Repeat it again.

"I am a treasured gift. I am a treasured gift. I am a treasured gift."

Let it seep in how valuable you are. Don't you dare walk away from that mirror until you feel the weight of your words. Until you believe them. You are a treasured gift and it's about time you started acting like it.

Did you accept this gift as truth? Let me know, I'd love to celebrate your Easter gift with you!


Exfoliating the Hard Places

Lately, I have met so many women who say they've been hardened by life. It's no wonder. Life is hard. It rubs up against us and leaves a new rough spot with every trial, every heartache, every tribulation, every loss. I've met these women in the isles of the supermarket, behind a counter in the mall, sitting next to me in a coffee shop, and at the sink in a restroom. Young, beautiful women who love life, but are struggling to enjoy it. I am encouraged that each of them, sometimes after involuntary tears, others after long hugs, and one, after a breakdown right there in front of other shoppers, said they were trying not to let the hard places remain. Oh the joy I felt when I saw their eyes moisten with hope! And even though I didn't want to stop the happy tears, I knew exfoliating off their hard places wasn't going to be easy. I know, because I've experienced the softening of my heart. But as difficult as it is in the beginning, when your all good and warmed up in God's grace, His peace passes all the pain and causes you to melt in His goodness.

You certainly don't forget all the hurt, how can you, for it brought you to where you are today. But, somehow, it no longer makes a difference. All that matters is where God brought you to, not where He brought you from. And then you keep wrapping yourself in His grace and goodness until you can make it out of bed. Then out of the house. Then out in the world of scrutinizing eyes and tongues that hiss with judgment and sympathy. Then, out of pain, and into your new normal. I do not believe we can just adjust our attitude and move on. I think it is impossible, without first grieving our losses. Our lost loves. Our lost dreams. Our lost plans. Our lost promises. Our lost futures and the visions we held so dear, believing they were all we had going for us...that we were nothing without them. When we do that; say goodbye to what we hoped for and acknowledge what we are now, then we can move on. We can wake up, look at our new faces in the mirror, hardened eyes and all, and let God make something beautiful out of what's left of us. He always paints a much prettier picture than anything we could have imagined. And it's a good thing too, because I don't believe we'd be happy and satisfied if He left us in our old picture of perfect.


God IS Enough- working link!

Here is a re-posting of my Dec7th blog with a working link :)

I really wanted to share this with you all. I was moved by this pastor's message. He speaks my heart...that God is enough...in ALL things!

Video from Matt