An Easter Gift for You!

Be encouraged, my beloved treasure. I have a gift for you today. It's not a new gift, but it's precious and dear to me all the same. It has been used. It's been battered. I found it abandoned, lost, searching for what, I'm not sure. But there it was, shinning bright beneath a layer of filth. When I placed this jewel beneath the living waters, I watched a stunning gift emerge. Are you ready to accept it? Here it is...

...YOU! YOU are a gift who's price was costly. Death. But it is because Christ paid so dearly for you that He wants your eyes open to the truth of your worth. Precious. Priceless. The sum of God's glory. That is what you are.

My gift to you can only be accepted one way...

Walk away from the computer screen, leave all your insecurities behind, and go stand in front of the closest mirror. Hurry- it is important that you don't let this gift pass you by again. Now, look deep into your eyes that were created in Christ's image and repeat to yourself, "I am a treasured gift. I am a treasured gift."

Repeat it again.

"I am a treasured gift. I am a treasured gift. I am a treasured gift."

Let it seep in how valuable you are. Don't you dare walk away from that mirror until you feel the weight of your words. Until you believe them. You are a treasured gift and it's about time you started acting like it.

Did you accept this gift as truth? Let me know, I'd love to celebrate your Easter gift with you!

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My Heart said...

I love it! You're words are just amazing!!