Politically Incorrect

A fog of stupidity has smothered the part of our brain that holds common sense. A steamy mist of delusion has covered all reason. We've let a cloud of misguided beliefs settle over our society, yet no ones willing to blow enough of their own smoke to push the looming blob of ignorance away. Well, my lungs are full of fresh carbon dioxide just waiting to be exhaled, to create a whirlwind that removes any residue of hatred, racism, or our fear of offending everyone and anyone if we have an opinion contrary to theirs. So I'll start by blowing out this simple question: Since when has being honest become something we must apologize for? Since when has standing up for ourselves become something we can only do as long as we don't go against someone else’s stand. We can't reject a specific group of people yet they can reject us. We allow our own opinions and beliefs to be scrutinized, but we are afraid to scrutinize the beliefs and opinions of others. We have to watch our mouths, bite our tongues, coddle the sensitivities of every minority group regardless of their race, age, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or unbelief’s, but we aren't allowed to be sensitive about our own issues, beliefs or social stands.

How is this possible? This is America. This is the year 2007. How have we allowed ourselves to be so infected with fear? The fear that we’re going to hurt someone’s feelings. The fear that we no longer have the right to free speech. The fear that we won’t be liked. What do we care? We’re American. No one likes us anyway. So why are we so afraid of words. Beautiful, powerful words. Obviously we care about words or they wouldn't make or break so many careers today. But in the end, they are still just words. They are still just someone’s opinion. Someone’s belief. Someone’s take on life. So why do we treat them like they must be ours too? Can't we stand on our own truths, building a solid foundation for ourselves and leave everyone else’s shaky platform alone? If we focus our energies and passions on others, we too will be left standing on a weak foundation. And if we're all firmly believing from a delicate stance, then whose standing on a firm belief?

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