Change Your View

Okay, so I am still thinking about yesterdays post. As a writer, this is not uncommon. I obsess over every single word I type. Then, I read, re-read, and read them again until the flow of my sentence is etched into my mind...all so I can rewrite it just one more time. Once I publish a post, I always go back a few times to edit my editing, until finally, I write something else and become excessively preoccupied with it. So the thinking about the actual post isn't what has my mind captivated. It is the subject of the post that's bothering me. Okay, not so much bothering, as, it's left me wanting to say more. Me? Wanting to say more? Shocker I know. But I really wanted to touch on the 'view' aspect again.

What I left out of my 'Thanking Dreams' post was that after I watched that show, I caught another episode the next night. Again, there was a couple who wanted nothing more than a place with a fantastic view. Only this time, when they were weighing their options and drooling over the custom-tiled, walk-in shower with modern fixtures and admiring the huge floor plan, the husband said something that stuck with me. He said, "You can change a house, but you can't change the view." And they got the house with a view! Once again I was yelling at a screen to people I don't know, "YES!! I love that house! I knew that's the one you should get!" Sure they heard and accepted my congratulatory cheers. And the happy ending I wanted so desperately for the initial couple, came when it showed the new couple eating breakfast from their towering balcony while they watched the ocean sway back and forth in front of an amazing sunrise.

"You can change a house, but you can't change the view." I think this is true for people as well. We can cosmetically change our appearance, but we are still rooted in the same mindset. We can plaster on a fake smile, when in reality we don't even remember what a sincere one feels like. We can lose weight, pump up our muscles, get hair implants, breast implants, lip implants, butt implants (I really want that one), but we are really only inflating our deep fear that we are not enough. That we will never find our 'house with a view'. So we settle for what looks more appealing in the moment.

I've done that. I daydream about a nose job and chin-chisel all the time. It would be awesome to see a picture of myself I didn't absolutely hate. But it would be even better if I could look at myself, just the way I am, and love what I see. Love what God uniquely gave me. If we could look at ourselves, and instead of seeing the lust, constant desire for more, and see past our addictions, we could see the power, love, and sound minds we already posses. We accessorize ourselves with shame, fear, hurt, anger, and even misplaced love, instead of the grace of God. If we only see our faults and pain, we can't see anything else. We have to get out of our current situation in order to see what God and life have to offer. Turn away from our distractions and look for the picture window that overlooks our faults and only sees our beauty.

Don't settle for the house with closet space, go for the house with a view! Don't be content living your life just like you always have, doing the same things, saying the same words and seeing yourself through the same mirrors. Surround yourself with people who see you as the gem God created you to be. See yourself from their view...from your maker's original blueprints and not the ones you've revised to make room for all your mental and emotional junk.


watts family said...

good stuff Laura Lo! Getting a revelation of God's love for you so you can truly love other people....priceless!

Laura Beth said...

Hey Laura!
It's Laura Beth!
Love your blog! Love Carl's blog!
you should email me your email.
easy enough right?
Love ya!

-Me said...

I loved this post! What a great "view" to help people see more!