From Where Do We Speak?

Okay, so it seems like an obvious question. But we've all heard about men thinking with a specific body part instead of their mind. Well, the same thing goes for how we speak. No, not with that body part. Our heart! Are we speaking from our heart, or our hurt? Are we really speaking the words of love and encouragement that we know are bubbling from deep inside our heart? Or are we speaking words of judgement and hate oozing from our hurt?

When I started writing my latest book I included humiliating stories of abuse and lust and the confusing journey or trying to feel wanted and loved. I wrote the typical disclaimer that usually reads, 'The names and identifying characters of actual people have been changed.' Only mine said, 'Any similarities or characters in this book that resemble actual people is intentional. I want you to read about yourself on these pages and squirm just like I did living through it.' Then I had to go back and hit the delete button. That is not what I want my book to convey; humiliation and condemnation. I was speaking from my hurt.

I want the book to be from my heart. I want to help people find healing and peace in their walk through this sometimes paralyzing world. I want to tell people that God is so in love with them and if I can wear His grace, anyone can. That is my heart. But my hurts want to judge and make examples out of other peoples mistakes and miseries. Miseries that very well could have been my own. Mistakes that pale in comparison with so many I've made myself. But that's the problem with speaking from our hurts. They are usually louder than the love and forgiveness and hope in our hearts. If I speak from my wounds, my words will be bitter. If I speak from my heart, God can make them sweet.

Do you have a specific hurt (or hurts) that seem to make you say things you really don't want to? Do your words sometimes (or a lot of times) cause division when you really seek connection?

Daddy, we lift our hearts to you right now and speak restoration over the areas we desire change, but end up injuring with our words instead. Strengthen our hearts that they may speak louder than our pain. We love you so much, Lord! Thank you for helping others to see us as we are in our hearts, and not as we've spoken from our wounds. So be it.


Unknown said...

Now that's good stuff. "If I speak from my wounds, my words will be bitter. If I speak from my heart, God can make them sweet." I can't wait to read the new book! Do you need an editor? :)

Laura Logan said...

Always...and especially one with your talent!!