I've Been Used

I'm always shocked and humbled when God takes something from me, hot mess that I am, and uses it to help someone else. So when I recently wrote a message to a super-awesome group of ladies, who deserved my thanks for helping a friend in need, I didn't expect it to minister the way it did. I've been used in a lot of ways. It's nice being used for something good.

Here's a copy of that message for those who wanted to share, and also for you, my beloved readers, who deserve more gratitude for your support and encouragement than you know...
I am believing with YOU, yes YOU, that your harvests will be plentiful this year!! Each of you has invested not only in me, but in the lives of others. Even if you weren't able to give gifts, you gave of your talents and love!! I've been blessed by every single one of you more times than I can count, but God knows. That's the kind of friend He is! He counts all the ways you glorify Him, just as He counts the hairs on your head!! He notices all the secret ways you honor Him, so don't ever let that nasty devil convince you that you're not appreciated!! Let me say that again, don't you ever, ever, let the devil feed you pity when God wants to fill you up with heavenly rewards!!

Our Compassionate Savior is replenishing your lives in every area that feels dry and weary. He sees your struggles. He hears your cries. I believe the holes in His hands throb every time your heart aches. I dare you to take Him at His word this year and see if He doesn't shake the fear and hurt right off you. I urge you to feast on His Truth and swallow the goodness that nourishes everything. That's every thing. Everything you've lost, given up, cried over. Your energy. Your joy. Your relationships. God is making them all new!! All new!

You girls are spreading love over the hearts of the needy like jam; sticking all their broken parts back together. So for all the ways you made a difference for someone in need, and for all the attention you pay to the details of others every single day, THANK YOU!
Are there any unexpected ways God has used you? Got a special someone you want to lavish your thanks on? I'd enjoy hearing about them.

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