Just have to say it...

Lying next to my husband, being face to face with his handsome, intoxicating features, that is my favorite thing. Watching his eyes slowly close shut and his full lips separate as he quietly inhales through his mouth in a drifting, peaceful sleep. I am blessed to be at his side, clothed only by his lingering affections and prayer. I am in love, deeply, completely. I want to talk and laugh just a little longer under the glow of land stars sneaking through our window. I want to caress his chest and feel his beating heart as it keeps time with my own. But I do not want to wake my lover, so I silently speak blessings over him and turn to my side, knowing his frame will instinctively turn into mine, covering my unveiled figure with his own, submerging me in his arms of strength and tenderness. I want to breathe-in his fragrant being and saturate my soul with his. But to do so would be like pricking my own two fingers, rubbing them together and making a blood covenant with myself, as we are already one. Our chests rising and falling together, our bodies meshed in God’s gift of forever. I whisper into the harmony of night, “I love you,” for my darling is asleep and cannot hear my confession. I cry out to the angels, to God, to my past, to the future. I make my declaration to the whole earth, to the universe, that they may simply hear and know. I just had to say it. I love this man.

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