I Love Me

When I was recently with my family, my dear precious nephew, Malachi, said the prayer over our dinner one night. After he thanked God for our 'yummy food', he added this: "And I love Daddy, and I love Mommy, and I love Esther, and I love Nanna, and I love Aunt Laura, and I love Malachi." What beautiful words from a five year old. Not just because he wanted to tell God who all he loved, but because he included himself. He pointed his sweet little fingers straight at his heart and said, "I love Malachi."

How often do we forget to love ourselves? To thank God, of all things, for ourself? We praise God and offer thanksgiving for so many wonderful people in our lives, but we neglect to offer praises for our own life. As Malachi made his declarations for each person at the table, I sat in anticipation at the chance of hearing him say my name out loud. I couldn't wait to hear my name attached to the words, 'I love'.

Then I realized I don't have to wait for anyone to say they love me. I can hear those words anytime I need. All I have to do is open my mouth.

"I love Laura! Thank you, my dear sweet savior, for making me. Thank you for my awkwardness and my sensitivity for people. Thank you for my passion and my clumsiness. Thank you, for me. I really do love Laura Logan."

Wow! My ears and heart are leaping with praise! I do hope you can attach your own name to those two, powerful, penetrating words. I really want to encourage you today. I want you to know you are special and deserve to be loved by even your greatest critic...yourself! So go ahead, tell yourself, "I love you." Say, "I love me!" I promise it won't hurt. It may feel odd at first, but the words will taste so sweet in your mouth you'll want to say them more :)

If you can't say I love you, why should anyone else?

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Carl Logan said...

Thank you for this blog...I love me! Thank you, Lord for creating me!